July 22, 2020

Choosing the Right Party Bus for Every Occasion

Most people choose a party bus for its versatility. Regardless of the event or occasion, you'll be sure to find a perfect bus for you. Not only does getting on one provide the passengers with comfort and convenience, but it adds to the excitement of the party as well. 

With all the amenities that a party bus carries, it's not difficult to assume that they would be expensive to hire. That's wrong though. Party bus rentals are very affordable. The thing is, you can even share the cost with the people you're going with on the bus. With our party buses at L3Limo, you'll realize that traveling and celebrating in luxury and style is not just for the ultra-rich.

Whether it's for a wedding, bachelorette party, birthdays, homecoming, sports events, or for any other kind of parties and gathering, L3Limo got your back. Here is a guide on some of our best party buses to help you pick the right one for your next event.

1. H2 Stretch Limos for Weddings

A wedding is an important event for the groom and bride. You would want it to be perfect. That's why it only makes sense for the groom and bride, and the rest of the wedding party, to travel with our H2 Stretch Limo. 
The Hummer H2 Krystal has a sleek, black exterior and a luxurious interior. Perfect if you want your wedding to feel expensive, without blowing out your budget. It can accommodate up to 20 passengers, meaning you can travel with the wedding party. It's a great and fun way to make sure that nobody gets late or lost on this very important day.

2. The Presidential & Land Yacht Bus for Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

What better way to spend your last few days being single than with your closest friends on a party bus. You can have fun as much as you want, without having to worry if you'll get home safely (and on time!) for your wedding.

For your bachelor/bachelorette parties, we recommend two of our party buses: the Presidential and the Land Yacht

The Presidential can hold up to a maximum of 28 guests. It comes with the latest Sundown Audio Surround System which will get your heart pumping with its bass. If you're planning to go bar hopping, the Presidential has its own restroom. This means that you don't have to share the toilet with strangers! If you opt to party on the bus, that's fine too. You can party in style, enjoy the music, get drunk, and play games for your entire ride without worrying about traffic or accommodations. 

For a much bigger group, you can pick the Land Yacht. This 45-feet long bad boy can hold up to 39 guests. It comes with two stand-up bars, four flat-screen TVs, 5k watts stereo system, two dance poles, and a restroom. You don't even have to go to the clubs with the Land Yacht. The party is right on the bus itself!

3. The Mini Bus & The Benz for Street Parties and Festivals

Street parties and festivals are great times for dressing up, getting drunk, and having all-out fun. With all the people crowding the street, bringing a private vehicle would be a terrible idea. Just thinking of the heavy traffic, closed roads, and the lack of parking spaces is already overwhelming. 

Hiring a party bus for street parties and festivals is a great idea. Other than not having to worry about the issues mentioned above, you can make sure that everyone in your group travels and has fun together. For these occasions, we recommend the Mini Bus and the Benz.

The Mini Bus can carry up to 18 guests. It's equipped with a 4000-watts stereo system, two flat-screen TVs, and even a dance pole. It even has enough headspace if you opt to party inside instead of joining the crowd. 

If you have a smaller group, you can choose the Battisti Customs Mercedes Benz Sprinter or "the Benz" for short. Just like the Mini Bus, the Benz is outfitted with the amenities you need in a party bus. It has a 3k-watts stereo system, a flat-screen TV, led lights, cd/DVD/mp3 audio capabilities, and a Bluetooth connection. It's perfect for traveling to the best party spots—while having a party on the way. 

Party Bus for Every Occasion

Hiring a party bus rental service can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate and add spice to a special event. Not to mention that it's safer and more comfortable!

Although there's a lot of party bus rentals out there, not one is as reliable and affordable as L3Limo. We're known as the number one party bus provider in Tampa Bay for years. You can be sure that regardless of the occasion or wherever in Florida you want to be, we'll provide you with the same high-quality service.

We even made sure that our party buses are COVID-ready! We clean and disinfect our buses after every travel and we installed hand sanitizers on each of them as well. With L3Limo, you'll have a safe and fun party bus experience. 

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"So much fun"

Great party bus we had so much fun!!!
Wilfredo Rodriguez
Wilfredo Rodriguez

"I had the best time in my life"

I had the best time in my life during Gasparilla in Tampa Bay thanks to L3 Limo. The Party Bus had everything in it even a PlayStation 4 :). The driver was very professional and on time. See you next year!
Karim Maghraoui
Karim Maghraoui

"The bus driver was very nice and cooperative"

Prom 2016 couldn't have gone better. The rain delayed our night but the bus driver was very nice and cooperative. The bus itself was outstanding and the perfect size for my group of 40 people. It was a blast! I highly recommend
Sarah Gucci
Sarah Gucci
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