How to Make a Party Bus Fun

How to Make a Party Bus Fun

To make a party bus fun, you have to set the right mood. Choose a theme that works with your guests and destination. Then plan music, decorations, and entertainment in line with your theme. There are plenty of party bus ideas that fit any party theme and set the right party atmosphere.

This article explores fun party bus ideas, including different party bus theme ideas and interesting ways to dress up the bus. If you need more things to do on the party bus, check out our suggestions for fun games and activities that fit any occasion.

Set the Mood

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Before you worry about what to do on the party bus, you need to set up an enjoyable atmosphere. We break this down into three easy steps to help you set the right mood for your night out:

  • Choose a theme
  • Decorate the bus
  • Create a playlist

By setting the mood effectively, you have a great baseline to work with and it becomes easier to find fun things to do on a party bus in Tampa.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to choosing a party bus theme, you cannot really go wrong. Some factors to keep in mind when brainstorming party bus theme ideas include:

  • Your party bus destination ideas
  • The type of celebration
  • The age of attendees
  • Tastes of the guest of honor

Destinations like sports games call for sports theme ideas, like mimicking a tailgate party. Valentine's Day works best with romantic themes, like exploring couples throughout history. You can even keep it simple by keeping the theme style-oriented and hosting a pajama party or a masquerade.

How to Make a Party Bus Fun


Choosing a theme is the easy part. After that, you need to find ways to organize and style the bus to meet the theme.

Look for party bus design ideas that complement your theme without damaging the interior of the party bus. Anything that you can tape up and take down is best, including generic supplies like:

  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Banners

You should be able to secure everything for the duration of your trip to keep the party bus ride as safe as possible.

Create a color scheme that makes it easier to keep everything on point. For example, a glamorous red carpet party theme would flourish with mostly black decor and pops of metallics and red.

Set a dress code so guests can match the decor, and you will really see everything come together.

Create a Playlist

Every great party has music and dancing! Creating an interesting playlist sets the mood just as much as decorating.

If your party has a decade theme, select the greatest hits from that time period. Genre themes like disco or hip hop are easy enough to curate, and sports-themed parties should be full of songs to get the party hyped.

If you have a hard time creating a playlist, search Spotify for similar playlists to gain inspiration.

Plan Fun Games and Activities

While there are plenty of fun things to do on a party bus, setting up a solid repertoire of games and activities will make sure there are no dull moments. These include:

  • Karaoke contest
  • Simple card and board games
  • What's in the Bag
  • Charades
  • Statues
  • Dare
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Drinking games (with the right age group)
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • A license plate hunt

These party bus ideas fit well with any theme, and you can easily adapt them to any group or situation.

Party Bus Fun Idea: A Karaoke Contest

You already have music to keep the atmosphere rich; hosting a sing-off is a great idea for helping the group bond and step out of their comfort zone.

One way to do this is by breaking off into teams. Depending on how much time you have, each team can choose a song that fits the theme and choreograph a quick karaoke routine.

If group activities are not your thing, let people create their own karaoke number on the spot. Soon, the entire group will be laughing and singing along.

Party Bus Fun Idea: A Karaoke Contest

Party Bus Fun Idea: Card and Board Games

Bringing along card and board games is another quick and fun idea, but you need to keep a few things in mind. Not every bus is built the same, and board games will not work as well if there are no tables.

Card games are the safest option, and there are plenty to choose from. Consider choosing a classic game such as:

  • Apples to Apples
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Old Maid
  • Go Fish
  • Uno

If you do not want to bring along a set of cards or an entire board game, consider those that have mobile apps. The Game of Life app has great ratings, and you can invite everyone in your group to play.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Card and Board Games

Party Bus Fun Idea: What’s in the Bag Game

If the people in your group bring along bags and purses, the What's in the Bag game can help you connect and even learn more about each other.

Set up a list of items before the bus ride and make sure you include both common items and a few unusual requests. Separate into teams and start calling out items from the list when you depart. The first team to find the requested item gets the points.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Game of Charades

Charades is an old-fashioned game, but you can easily fit it to your theme.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your charades experience and help it last the full night is by using Heads Up. This is a fun way to fill up your time on the party bus without taking the time to crank out ideas.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Game of Statues

If you have room on your party bus for a dance floor, the game of statues is the perfect way to get your friends up and moving. Just hit play on your party playlist and let everyone show off their moves.

Pause the music, and anyone who moves gets booted from the dance floor. The last person standing wins the game.

Party Bus Fun Idea: The Dare Game

The dare game is similar to truth or dare, but you remove the less fun option.

Let all of your friends create their own dares and put them in a bowl or bag to draw from later in the night. Everyone can take turns drawing dares and performing them.

Make sure these are dares you can perform on the bus, or you might need to take I.O.Us for when you reach your destination. This game can also turn into quite the drinking game by letting participants pass on a dare to take a drink instead.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Two Truths and a Lie Game

Two truths and a lie is another popular party game that works well on a bus. Go around your group of friends and let everyone tell two truths and one lie. The group needs to figure out what the lie is.

This can be a simple bonding experience where everyone tests what they know about each other, or you can amp it up with alcohol.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Drinking Games

Party Bus Fun Idea: Drinking Games

As long as everyone on the bus is legal, party bus drinking games can help take the edge off the night. The party can survive off beer alone, but some of the best drinks for the ride include:

  • Mojitos
  • Screwdrivers
  • Long island ice teas

Check to see if your party bus has a bar that you can stock with your favorite drinks, and keep in mind that not everyone is down to drink.

Party Bus Fun Idea: Play Dance Dance Revolution Game

As long as there is room, a dance-off that fits the party bus theme can turn the trip into a celebration. You can find Dance, Dance Revolution in portable formats on your phone or certain gaming consoles, or you can just have a dance party. Check to make sure the bus has a substantial sound system for your needs, and do not forget to bring any devices or cords necessary to get the music going.

Party Bus Fun Idea: License Plate Scavenger Hunt Game

If your party bus ideas need to involve less movement, create a list of attributes that partygoers can find on license plates. These include:

  • out-of-state plates
  • different combinations
  • vanity plates

Tell everyone to keep an eye out, and the person who crosses the most off their list wins the game. You can also have another prize for the person that finds the most interesting license plate during your trip.

What Kind of Party Buses are for Rent in Tampa Bay?

There are plenty of party bus rentals in Tampa that fit all themes and party ideas. L3 Limo is Tampa Bay's party bus leader. Our fleet includes buses of all sizes and capabilities, including:

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  • The H2 (up to 20 guests)
  • The Royale (up to 30 guests)
  • The Ambassador (up to 40 guests)

Call us at 813-699-5777 for inquiries or bookings. The right vehicle can turn a bland night into a fun party, and with the right party bus and your great ideas, you will have a night to remember.

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