Party Bus Rentals in Tampa: The Most Common Questions

Party Bus Rentals In Tampa

Although a party bus offers a lot of value for the money, it is still a luxury. So when hiring party bus rentals in Tampa, it's important to ask questions about the operator, services, and the buses to make sure that you're getting what you're paying for.

To help you do this, we're going to cover some of the most common questions about renting a party bus. If you have queries that are not addressed here, you can reach us through our contact details.


How Much Is A Party Bus In Tampa?

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A Tampa party bus usually costs about $200 - $650 per hour, with a minimum of three hours on most occasions. However, there are a lot of other factors that you need to consider when talking about price. This includes the type of bus you're renting, the length of the ride, the timing, and more. For example, renting a party bus for a Friday or Saturday night out in town would cost more compared to booking for a weekday.
Since the cost of a party bus involves all these small factors, it's always a smart choice to contact the party bus company and ask for a quote depending on your specific needs. This is also to make sure that there'll be no hidden fees.

There are methods to acquire this luxury vehicle for an affordable price. Since seasons and holidays often make the pricing go up a bit, booking earlier can save you some cost. Sharing the expense with your friends would also make the experience easier on the pockets.


Can You Drink Alcohol on a Party Bus?

Yes, you can drink on a party bus. However, alcoholic drinks are not included with your party bus rental service, so you'll have to bring them yourselves. Additionally, if you're planning to consume any type of booze, beer, or wine on the bus, you'll have to ensure that everyone on board is 21 years old or older.

This rule is not just for observing the law but also to encourage passengers to behave responsibly so that everyone will have fun and stay safe the whole trip.


Can You Smoke on a Party Bus?

Smoking or vaping is not allowed on party buses. This is to keep the vehicle smelling fresh and clean for everyone else on board. However, the party bus can make frequent stops to accommodate those who smoke or vape.


Can Party Buses Just Drive Around?

Yes, you can hire a party bus and just have it drive around in the Tampa Bay Area. You can also go one way, have multiple stops, or go for a roundtrip. A party bus rental will accommodate you regardless of the type of event you need them for.

Keep in mind that most party bus companies have a set number of miles included in their base rate. In L3 Limo's case, you can have the party bus drive within a 30-mile radius from the pick-up point. If you plan to go beyond the 30-mile radius, you would have to add a 20% fuel charge. Once that's paid, we can then take you anywhere in Florida.

Tampa Bay party bus chauffeurs are very familiar with the location they work in. So even if they just picked you up from the airport and you don't have a destination in mind yet, there's nothing to worry about. Most chauffeurs can act as excellent tour guides and will help suggest great spots in town for you to visit.


What Is Included in a Party Bus Service?

The service that Tampa party bus companies provide includes a lot of things. First off, you'll have professional and friendly chauffeurs who will ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. And since you'll have someone else to drive you, you don't need a designated driver within your group. This allows you, your family, and your friends to have a fun and memorable moment. Additionally, you'll have unlimited stops within the set number of miles included in the base rate.

Party buses are also equipped with the amenities you need to have a fun time on your trip. This includes laser lights, loud stereo systems, flat-screen TVs, and dance poles. Some even have tables and restrooms on deck!

At L3 Limo, we all have these included in our service plus ice, cups, sodas, and cranberry juice.


How Far in Advance Do You Need to Book a Party Bus in Tampa?

Party buses are on a first-come-first-served basis. And most operators in the Tampa area only have one vehicle for each type of party bus. This means that the availability of a certain bus cannot be guaranteed unless you reserve it.

Oftentimes, you need to make a reservation a month prior to your occasion. But sometimes, even this period is already a clutch. Especially if you're booking for a festival or other seasonal events when party buses are in high demand. So the earlier you reserve a party bus, the better.


Are Children Allowed on a Party Bus?

Yes, children are allowed on a party bus provided that there are no alcoholic drinks on board and the reservation was made by an adult. Most parents rent a party bus for their kids' birthday parties, quinceñera, and prom.


Are Party Buses Worth It?

If you need group transportation, then a party bus is a great choice. Whether you have 10 or 40 of your friends and family gathered, you can find a party bus that can accommodate all of you. You won't even have to worry about booking a venue, as we have party buses with the amenities you'll need for a party, such as speakers, TVs, LED lights, a wet bar, and a toilet. Moreover, most party buses have room for dancing and even for your luggage.

But the greatest factor to ensure you're getting your money's worth is the party bus rental company you'll be choosing. Always check for customer reviews and actual photos of their party buses. Better yet, inspect the party bus in person.


Where to Rent a Party Bus in Tampa

Need a party bus in Tampa? L3 Limo is the party bus company you're looking for. Our fleet consists of different-sized party buses, equipped with the features and amenities you'll need for any event. Contact us for a free quote or come visit us to check out our party buses personally.

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