7 Tips on Hiring a Party Bus For Birthday in Tampa

7 Tips on Hiring a Party Bus For Birthday in Tampa

Booking a party bus for birthday in Tampa? Then you've come to the right place!

When planning a birthday party, there are a lot of things that you'll need to consider like the date, location, and transportation. Not to mention the cost that could build up.

Hiring a party bus service is not only an amazing experience, but it could also easily solve some of these issues. Where to start? Read on as we show you some tips on how to hire a birthday party bus in Tampa.

1. Plan Your Route

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First things first, decide on where you want to go and plan the route you'll take to get there.
The great thing about party bus rentals is that they're very flexible means of group transportation. If you're in Tampa Bay, you can take your party bus to go bar- or beach-hopping. You can basically have it take you anywhere without the hassle of changing rides or finding a parking space.

Make the most of your party bus experience by planning your route beforehand. Ensure that you allow ample time for your transportation to get from one stop to another. And also consider the time your group might want to spend in one place for things like picture-taking.

Lastly, don't forget to let the party bus driver know your route. Otherwise, either you or a guest would have to sit beside them as a guide—wasting important party time!


2. Decide on a Budget

Decide on a budget that you'd want to spend on the event. This might include reservations, food, and prizes for games.

The party bus rental price cost can be lighter on the pockets if shared. Although a party bus is a luxury vehicle, it can be a very good value compared to other transportation options. So also decide whether you want to cover the expense yourself or if you're splitting it with your friends and family.


3. Determine The Size of The Party Bus

The price of a party bus will depend on multiple factors including the size you choose. To determine what size of party bus you'll need, you first need to determine the number of people you're taking with you. To do that, you might want to send out RSVPs earlier.

At L3 Limo, our fleet ranges from 13- to 40-guest party buses. So regardless of how many guests you'll invite, we have a party bus that can accommodate you. Just make sure to book ahead of time to ensure you'll get the size you want.

Party bus for birthday in Tampa

4. Consider The Amenities on The Party Bus

Party buses nowadays come with a good deal of amenities to ensure you have a great time. Most are fitted with surround-sound systems, flat-screen TVs, and disco lights. At L3 Limo, our sound system has iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, so there are no pesky wires and you can play directly from your mobile phone. Some of our party buses also have dance poles, tables, and even a toilet!

Rember to always take time to see a party bus in person before booking it. Because what you see in the pictures online might not be how it actually is. You'll also see if the party buses are kept clean and the amenities are actually working. This might also help you gauge how the party bus company handles their client.


5. Prepare Food, Drinks, and Music

Even though a party bus can make your birthday party so much fun, it wouldn't be much of a party if there are no food, drinks, and music.

First off, ask the party bus operator if bringing food and drinks on the party bus is allowed. L3 Limo allows you to bring any food and drinks you'd like. But there might be an additional clean-up fee if things get messy.

When deciding on what type of food to bring, you might want to consider easy-to-carry ones. Examples are pizza, chicken wings, or a mini taco bowl!

The same thing goes for drinks. You would not want to have wine in glasses while the party bus is moving. Instead, you might want to opt for cocktail drinks in shot glasses or drink pouches.

There are a few things you might want to consider when choosing the music for your birthday party. Pick the type of music that suits the theme of your birthday party as well as the guests. If it's a birthday party with your friends and family, you can choose any of the trendy songs. If you're partying with your business partners or officemates, you might want to choose more formal but still pleasant tunes.


6. Share The Itinerary With Guests

Don't forget to share your itinerary with your guest list. Make sure that you've included the pick-up and drop-off locations, how long you plan to stay at a certain stop, and the time the birthday party starts and ends.


7. Enjoy The Birthday Party!

Whether the birthday party is for yourself or for another special person, take time to enjoy it once the guests start coming in. Relax and have a great time. Your guests will really enjoy the party if you, the host, are relaxed and enjoying yourself.


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L3 Limo's party bus service also comes with a professional chauffeur. So there's no need to worry about parking and having a designated driver from your group.

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