How to Decorate a Party Bus

March 1, 2022
How to Decorate a Party Bus
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Got a special occasion coming up and need some fun ideas? Why not get a party bus involved? They’re fun, unique, and 100% customizable to fit your party’s theme. If you’re on the hunt for motivation for how to decorate a party bus, you’ve come to the right place.
We’re packed full of fun decorating ideas to share with you. So, pick a theme, get creative, and follow us toward creating an unforgettable party.

» General Rules for Decorating Your Bus Rental

At L3 Limo, our party buses are already full of life with their booming sound systems, color-changing ceilings, LED lights, and more. However, adding decorations to a party bus makes any event more personalized for you and your guests. But before you go shopping for decorations, it's best to learn some general rules for decorating a party bus to keep your trip fun and safe for everyone.

Ask Permission Before Decorating Your Party Bus

First things first, you should ask your rental company what you’re allowed to do. Most party bus rental services will allow just about anything, as long as it’s not damaging. Before brainstorming the types of decorations and party favors you’re bringing along, have a quick chat with them to see what’s okay.

Ask about the dos and don’ts, whether you can hang things up, and what their policy is on putting up and taking down the decorations. Because they’re focused on fun, they’re likely to be very lenient, helping you along your creative process.

Be sure to ask about policies for alcohol and food too, making sure that these are allowed and that you understand any rules or restrictions that may apply.

Most party bus rentals in Tampa will work with you to create the best setup for your special day. Whether it's a surprise party, a celebration for someone getting hitched, or even just a ride around town to look at some Christmas lights, the decor is important to creating the perfect vibes.

Do Not Obstruct the Driver's View

Once you have the green light to decorate the party bus, rent it an hour before your event starts. This can give you enough time to decorate it before the guest starts coming in.

At L3 Limo, all our party buses are cleaned and disinfected before and after every trip. This means that you'll receive a party bus all ready for your decorating.

But one rule that you shouldn't forget is to make sure that you don't block the driver's view. Regardless of your party's theme, never put decorations on the mirrors and windshields. One of the main purposes of hiring a party bus is to have a chauffeur who will get you to your destination safely. So make sure that the driver can clearly see the road all the time.

Secure all decorations with materials that are easy to set up and clean up

Choosing your party decorations is just one part of the process. Another is putting them up. Because the bus is a rental, you’ll need to take extra care not to cause any damage. One way to do that is to use materials that are not damaging to the interior or upholstery. These include:

  • Removable tape and gaffer's tape
  • 3M Hooks
  • Zip Ties
  • Twine
  • Monofilament

» Decorate the Party Bus according to specific trip types

So now that you know the general rules when it comes to decorating a party bus, here are some tips you can apply for different events.

Homecoming Events

Homecoming traditions can mean a lot of different things depending on which school you go to. For some, it can be an opportunity for the alumni to visit their old school and see former classmates, teachers, and underclassmen that they have left behind, while others celebrate homecoming as a way to welcome students back after the summer break.

But regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure—homecoming is a day (or week) of fun and festivities. This event may consist of a parade, a dance, and even a big football game against a rival school. And what is the best way to transport alumni and students? With a party bus rental, of course!

One way to show off your school's spirit is by hanging a super-sized banner with your school's logo on the side of the bus. You can even add balloons with your school's colors to amplify the festive atmosphere.

Moreover, a decent party bus rental company will have TVs installed on their vehicles. You can use these to show a video presentation of various memorable moments that the alumni can look back on fondly.

How to Decorate a Party Bus - Homecoming Events

Weddings Events

A wedding event can present both an opportunity and a challenge. Since it's a special event for both the bride and groom, they might have to put in a lot of effort in directing the details. Wedding preparations can be stressful. But thankfully a party bus can handle at least two of these details—transportation and entertainment.

So how do you decorate a party bus for a wedding? First off, you need to have a wedding theme. A wedding's theme is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it can also set the mood of the event. It also shows a bit of the bride and groom's personality. And with a theme in mind, it'll be easier to decorate the wedding party bus.

For example, if you're going for a boho-themed wedding, you can opt to decorate the inside of the bus with wicker and macrame items. If your theme is black and gold, consider decorating with silky gold cloth and black florals for a more luxurious and sophisticated feel. And if you want a more tropical-like wedding, then orchids, magnolia flowers, and palms would be great choices of decorations.

Quinceañeras / Sweet 16 Events

Quinceañeras is one of the events that most teenage girls look forward to. It only happens once in a lifetime, so it makes sense to go all out for this party.

When it comes to decorating a party bus, quinceañeras are a bit like weddings but trendier. You can always opt for decorating with your favorite flowers or the one that suits your theme.

Since almost everyone likes posting on social media, you can create a backdrop decorated with personalized banners, paper flowers, balloons, draped fabric, and anything else you'd like. Add some fun props to have your very own photo booth area.

And as we've already mentioned, party buses have flat-screen TVs. Don't hesitate to use this for displaying a slideshow of pictures and videos about you and your life. After all, this event is all about you.

Birthday Events

A birthday party is a great way to remind someone just how much you love them. So it only makes sense to create a festive atmosphere for them and get to celebrating!

When it comes to decorating for a birthday party, just like any other event, choosing a theme is first on the list. Once you have a theme, choosing the colors that fit the theme is the next step.

For example, with a child's birthday party, the theme they often choose is their favorite superhero. So the colors should reflect the colors of that hero. You can then bring in the balloons, banners, and other decor based on that color palette.

The same goes for an adult's birthday party. Pick the party's color based on the chosen theme and then decorate. For some decoration ideas, you may want to try confetti-filled balloons or banners wishing the celebrant happy birthday attached to the side of the bus.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Events

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are where the soon-to-be bride and groom spend the last few days of their singlehood. And if you're a friend that wants to send them into the married world with a bang, then a party bus is the way to go.

When it comes to decorating the party bus for a bachelorette party, rose gold glitter might be the most popular color choice. You can also add stylish banners filled with bachelorette puns. And of course, it's only natural to include cute photo booth props so you can take fun pictures to post on social media.

On the other hand, bachelor parties are often filled with silliness and jokes. So with decorations, you can start by having a life-size cutout of the groom which guests can take photos with. You can also have custom confetti that features the groom's face or their favorite word. And of course, you can never go wrong with a photo booth area filled with fun things.

How to Decorate a Party Bus - Bachelorette Events

Sporting Events

Sporting events are some of the most common reasons clients rent a party bus. And decorating a party bus for such an event is pretty straightforward. You just have to use the colors of the team you're supporting.

Using your team's colors on the banners and streamers makes it a great backdrop for photos. Don't forget to add balloons and images of the team mascot inside and outside the party bus. This can be your way to show the world your pride and support for the team.

Corporate Events

For corporate events, the decorations will depend on the purpose of the event. If it's just a casual gathering so that employees can relax and have fun, then the decorations can be vibrant and funky. But if it's for a more serious, elegant occasion, then you might want to opt for refined, monochromatic decorations. Neutral colors such as black, gray, and white all look sophisticated and are fairly easy to decorate with.

But regardless of the purpose, plastering the party bus with your company's logo is a must. If you want, you can stick with the company colors as well. This way, the party's theme will be coherent.

Moreover, you can use the TVs on the party bus to watch some company presentations. And since we live in a social media world where people love taking photos, don't forget to have a photo booth area. This can give the guests a chance to engage with each other. Not to mention that it can be a great social marketing tool for your company.

Get-Together Events

There are a lot of life events worth celebrating. However, it can be easy to get caught up with the details of our daily lives. Taking time to decorate for a get-together party with your friends and family can help make the occasion more engaging and memorable.

And as always, start with a theme in mind. If it's just a casual gathering such as where you ride around town while singing karaoke, then you can choose any colors that shout "party time!" This will be easy as colorful decorations are everywhere, from balloons and confetti to banners and streamers.

You can also create an Instagram-worthy backdrop placed at the back of the bus and adorned with fun and vibrant decor. The lights and ambiance inside the bus will turn it into the ultimate photo booth experience.

» Party Bus Ideas on How to Decorate a Party Bus

Now that you've got an idea or two brewing for how to decorate a party bus, we're here to add some spark to the creative process. No matter what the event, you're sure to find some party bus decorating ideas that the whole crowd will love.

Decorate the party bus with Balloons

Balloons are a ton of fun and pair well with any theme. They add a festive look to all parties and even boost the mood when people see them floating up and around. For your celebration, add some balloons with colors that play up your ideas.

Choose balloon colors that match your theme, wedding colors, or even your corporate color scheme. Balloons are a great way to create a festive mood while brightening up the atmosphere for a night filled with friends and fun.

Decorate the party bus with Balloons

Decorate the party bus with Banners

Banners are another excellent way to start decorating. They take up space and can be customized to send a special message or match a specific theme. Adding banners to your bus is an effective way to make the night special, all while adding some flair to the inside.

Make your party bus rental really special for any event by adding banners, some of which can be kept as a memory for the special ones involved.

Decorate the party bus with Lighting

Disco ball, anyone? We think yes! Whether you're throwing a bash for kids or adults, lighting is a fun way to add some pizzazz to any decor. You could do lighting with string lights that span around the bus, disco balls that brighten up events, or even laser beams to liven up the room. Many buses come with great integrated lighting that brings this to the next level.

Don't Forget Party Favors

Check with the company you plan to rent from before splurging on party favors, making sure that they will allow you to bring certain things on board. Once you get the okay, add a little creativity to your party with help from party favors.

Think about adding board games, snacks, drinks, prizes, and more. All of these will work together to make your party special, making it a night to remember from here on out.

Decorate the party bus with Sparkling Garlands

If you're looking for an idea that's out of the box, try some sparkling garlands. These liven up any party and will transform the bus into a party on wheels. Using garland as party bus decorations is a great way to add some lighting and create an atmosphere of fun.

Decorate the party bus with Pretty Paper Flowers

If you're the host of the event, you may want to make your bus look classy. If you're renting for a wedding party, sprinkle the room with pretty paper flowers. There are several parties that go well with paper flowers, making them the perfect idea for decoration.

Play up any occasion with flowers for instant class and flair, pairing them with balloons and string lights for a transformative experience.

Matching Cupcakes for Everyone

If your party bus design ideas are failing you, don't sweat it. You can just grab some cupcakes and call it a day, making everyone happy. However, combining cupcakes with decoration is a great touch to make it really feel like an event. Once you pick your theme, think about adding cupcakes to match.

Matching Cupcakes for Everyone

Decorate the party bus with Falling Confetti

Parties with confetti are the best parties, right? No matter what the decoration inside, you're sure to get a kick out of your partygoers with some falling confetti. It will make the perfect excuse for selfies, fun videos, and more, all of which are sure to liven the mood.

Decorate the party bus with a Confetti Wall

Dedicate an area of your event for pictures, adding something fun like a confetti wall. Nothing screams celebration more than confetti, though it can be a pain to pick up afterward. A confetti wall is a great way to go, helping you skip the pickup and enjoy more time mingling with your favorites.

Decorate the party bus with a DIY Photo Booth

Stock up on party bus supplies like selfie accessories and photo booths. These are both fun and simple, taking little to no effort or cleaning up. Find a backdrop that matches your theme and add a photo booth for the final touch.

You should also find fun items that your attendees can choose from to add to their selfies. These could be fun quotes, props, pics, and even imitations of the person you're throwing the party for.

Decorate the party bus with an Instant Ice Cream Parlor

Party buses are not just for adults but for kids too. It's the perfect opportunity to ride around, listen to music, play games, and even visit kids' favorite places. One thing that is sure to be a big hit at any kid's party is an ice cream parlor.

This could be fun and decorative, allowing you to find colorful cones, tasty ice cream creations, and more. Add a bar filled with yummy treats too to let each kid make their own favorite mix of ice cream, candy, and treats, making it a party they'll be talking about for years to come.

» Book Your Party Bus and Start Planning

If you're looking to rent a bus, a Party bus in Tampa is the way to go. They have all you need to create the perfect atmosphere inside the bus, taking the party with you wherever you go. You and all of your fellow partygoers can enjoy a ride around town while celebrating a special day.

Adding decor and more to the inside of the bus is a great way to add to the fun and ensure that everyone has an unforgettable experience. Give us a ring to discuss your next party, and we'll be sure to help you plan and execute whatever you have in mind.

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