Top 10 Small Party Venues in Tampa

November 14, 2023
Top 10 Small Party Venues in Tampa
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Planning an intimate gathering or a small-scale soirée in Tampa, Florida? Whether it's for a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event or any other occasion, finding the perfect venue is important to ensure a memorable event.

While Tampa boasts a myriad of options for hosting parties, choosing the right location can be a daunting task. That's why in this article, we've carefully curated a list of the top 10 small party venues Tampa has to offer to help you make an informed choice. So join us as we introduce each venue and highlight the features that make it a standout choice for your upcoming event.

» The Appeal of Small Party Venues in Tampa

Small party venues in Tampa offer a distinct charm that sets them apart from larger event spaces. Here are some of the reasons to choose these cozy settings:

  • Intimate Atmosphere: Small venues create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, promoting genuine connections among guests and encouraging relaxed interactions.
  • Personalized Attention: Hosting your event at a small venue ensures personalized attention from the staff, catering to your specific needs and ensuring every detail is perfect.
  • Unique Settings: Tampa offers a variety of small party venues, each with its unique character, allowing you to match the venue to your event's theme and your style.
  • Budget-friendly Options: Small venues often provide budget-friendly options compared to larger spaces, offering flexibility to create a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

To enhance your event experience, consider complementing your choice of small party venue with convenient and luxurious transportation options. Imagine arriving at your venue in style, with a chauffeured ride that sets the tone for an unforgettable evening. Whether you want to provide a seamless transportation experience for your corporate team or add a touch of sophistication to a special celebration, Tampa's transportation services have you covered.

» Downtown Tampa Gems: Intimate Event Spaces

Downton Tampa stands out as a prime location for intimate gatherings and corporate events. The urban center's blend of modernity and history, along with its waterfront views and lively atmosphere, make it an inviting choice for various event styles. Here are some of the intimate spaces within downtown Tampa:

The Vault: (Capacity: 200-300) Housed in a historic bank building, The Vault seamlessly combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication, making it suitable for weddings, private dinners or corporate receptions.

Le Méridien Tampa: (Capacity: 200 guests) This boutique hotel melds historic charm with contemporary design, offering versatile event spaces ideal for small conferences or elegant soirées.

The Florida Aquarium: (Capacity: 25-500) For a distinctive experience, The Florida Aquarium provides various spaces where guests can enjoy stunning aquatic exhibits while celebrating in style.

Tampa Bay History Center: (Capacity: 25-500) This venue immerses guests in Tampa's rich history with waterfront views and a range of event spaces, adding a touch of local heritage and elegance to gatherings.

To enhance your downtown event experience, hire L3 Limo's party buses which offer stylish and comfortable transportation options. Arriving on a party bus adds an element of sophistication and convenience while ensuring your guests' safety and allowing everyone to enjoy the event without worries.

Small Party Venues in Tampa - Inner 1

» Beyond Downtown: Hidden Event Space

Looking for venues outside of downtown Tampa? We got you covered! Here are some of the small party venues located in various neighborhoods across the city:

  • The Tampa Garden Club: (Capacity: 300 guests) Situated along Bayshore Boulevard, this venue offers beautiful gardens and a waterfront view, making it a lovely choice for intimate outdoor events.
  • The Orlo House and Ballroom: (Capacity: 20-350) This historic venue in Tampa Heights offers a charming ballroom and lush gardens, providing an ideal setting for small weddings, parties and intimate gatherings.
  • Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park: (Capacity: 80-500) For a unique experience, consider hosting your small party at the zoo. ZooTampa offers various event spaces, including the Safari Lodge, with opportunities to get up close to exotic animals.
  • The Rusty Pelican: (Capacity: 40-550) Located in Rocky Point, the Rusty Pelican offers panoramic views of Tampa Bay and a seafood-focused menu, making it a great choice for waterfront dining events.

These venues showcase the diversity of Tampa's neighborhoods and offer a range of atmospheres and styles to suit your party's theme. Also, remember that L3 Limo's party buses can help make transportation to and from these venues a breeze, enhancing your overall event experience.

» Unveiling the Top 10 Small Party Venues

The City of Tampa offers an array of remarkable small party venues, each with its unique charm and character. Here's a glimpse into the 10 small party venues that stand out:

  1. Station House: (Capacity: 120 guests) A chic downtown St. Petersburg venue with a historic touch, perfect for weddings and upscale events.
  2. Haven: (Capacity: 100-150) A modern restaurant emphasizing farm-to-table dining, ideal for intimate gatherings focused on culinary experiences.
  3. Cross Creek Ranch: (Capacity: 150 guests) A picturesque ranch setting offering versatile spaces for weddings, outdoor ceremonies, and family gatherings.
  4. Oxford Exchange: (Capacity: 200 guests) Known for its elegant design and historic ambiance, suitable for corporate events and upscale soirées.
  5. Winthrop Barn Theatre: (Capacity: 200-350) A rustic barn venue in Riverview with charm, versatility and great for themed events.
  6. Dallas Bull: (Capacity: 300 guests) A lively country-themed nightclub and event space, ideal for parties with a country twist.
  7. CL Space: (Capacity: 50-250) A unique urban loft in Ybor City, blending modern design with an industrial chic vibe, suitable for various events.
  8. Red Door No. 5: (Capacity: 200 guests) Located in historic Tampa Heights, this venue exudes vintage charm and coziness, perfect for small weddings and intimate gatherings.
  9. Hummingbird Gardens: (Capacity: 250-300) A serene garden venue in the suburbs, offering a peaceful escape for garden parties and outdoor celebrations.
  10. Elope Tampa Bay: (Capacity: 50 guests) A specialized venue for small, romantic ceremonies and elopements.

To ensure seamless transportation to these venues, consider L3 Limo's party buses. These luxury vehicles provide comfort and style, setting the stage for a memorable event.

Venue Spotlight: Station House

Nestled in downtown St. Petersburg, Station House is a blend of historic charm and contemporary sophistication. Housed within a beautifully restored 100-year-old building, the venue exudes an everlasting elegance that captivates guests from the moment they step inside. This venue boasts state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, plush seating arrangements, and a dedicated event staff committed to making your occasion extraordinary.

However, Station House's crown jewel is its rooftop garden terrace which offers panoramic views of downtown St. Pete and Tampa Bay making it the perfect setting for cocktail hours and al fresco dining. With L3 Limo's party buses at your service, your event will surely evolve into a journey marked by luxury, comfort and style.

Venue Spotlight: Haven

Haven is a premier small party venue that effortlessly combines modern elegance with urban chic. Its prime location in Tampa ensures accessibility without sacrificing charm.

Haven's contemporary ambiance serves as a versatile backdrop for a range of celebrations including intimate gatherings and corporate functions. With customizable spaces, Haven can be tailored to match your vision, offering the ideal setting for your event.

Want to enhance your Haven experience? Hire an L3 Limo party bus! Our professional chauffeurs ensure a smooth ride to and from Haven, leaving you to focus on creating cherished memories.

Venue Spotlight: Cross Creek Ranch

Cross Creek Ranch, located in Tampa's scenic landscapes, is a small party venue that radiates rustic charm. It's an idyllic backdrop for various events, offering a serene ambiance with sprawling fields, elegant barns and lush greenery.

To complete your Cross Creek Ranch, L3 Limo provides hassle-free transportation. Arrive in style with our luxurious party buses, ensuring comfort and convenience. Our professional chauffeurs handle the logistics, leaving you to enjoy the rustic beauty.

Venue Spotlight: Oxford Exchange

Located in Hyde Park, Oxford Exchange transports guests to a world where history and modernity coexist harmoniously. The venue's historic ambiance creates an immediate sense of wonder, with its rich heritage evident in every architectural detail. With its customizable spaces, you can ensure that your event, regardless of its nature, finds its perfect stage within Oxford Exhange's walls. Moreover, with L3 Limo's party buses, your journey becomes part of the experience, creating unforgettable occasions steeped in timeless allure.

Venue Spotlight: Winthrop Barn Theatre

Winthrop Barn Theatre is a venue like no other. Its allure is its role as a hub for artistic performances. Its acoustics, lighting and staging capabilities are designed to enhance artistic excellence, ensuring every performance is a masterpiece.

However, Winthrop Barn Theatre transcends its artistic roots to become a versatile space for hosting special occasions. Its ambiance, combined with its state-of-the-art amenities, makes it an ideal choice for weddings, birthday parties, and other private events.

With L3 Limo's transportation solutions seamlessly integrated into your Winthrop Barn Theatre event, you can immerse yourself in the artistic brilliance or the joy of your special occasion, knowing that every aspect of your journey is taken care of.

Small Party Venues in Tampa - Inner 2

Venue Spotlight: Dallas Bull

Situated in the heart of Tampa's entertainment scene, Dallas Bull is a versatile and sought-after venue, ideal for an array of celebrations. The venue offers a lineup of live music performances, concerts and DJ sets, transforming ordinary nights into extraordinary experiences. The lively atmosphere, complete with dance floors and vibrant decor, creates an ambiance that's perfect for letting loose and celebrating in style. And with L3 Limo as your transportation partner, your journey to and from Dallas Bull becomes an integral part of the celebration as you can start partying once you get on the party bus! Not to mention that you'll be traveling around safely and without having to worry about parking or assigning a designated driver from your group.

Venue Spotlight: CL Space

CL Space is a creative hub where possibilities flourish. The venue offers versatility that caters to a variety of intimate events, from art exhibitions and product launches to poetry readings and small weddings. The venue's design and layout encourage guests to engage, converse and share in the experience. And to enhance your event, consider L3 Limo's luxury party buses. Our professional chauffeurs ensure a smooth and secure ride to CL Space. And when the event is over, our party buses are ready to provide a comfortable and worry-free journey back to your chosen destinations.

Venue Spotlight: Red Door No. 5

Red Door No. 5 is a venue that radiates elegance and intimacy. With its tasteful decor and refined furnishings, this venue sets the stage for truly memorable events. Whether you're planning an intimate wedding, romantic anniversary, or corporate event, this venue's warm and inviting atmosphere transforms every occasion into something extraordinary. And with L3 Limo's party bus service, you can immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance and elegance, knowing that every aspect of your transportation is expertly handled.

Venue Spotlight: Hummingbird Gardens

Located amid lush greenery and vibrant blooms, Hummingbird Gardens provides a natural escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you're planning a romantic garden wedding, a tranquil yoga retreat or a serene anniversary celebration, this venue's ambiance and natural charm will turn any outdoor event into a memorable experience. To further enhance your experience, hire an L3 Limo party bus to ensure a smooth and safe ride to and from the Hummingbird Gardens.

Venue Spotlight: Elope Tampa Bay

Elope Tampa Bay is a gem among small and unique event venues. This venue specializes in curating wedding experiences designed for smaller guest lists. Its picturesque setting allows for a beachfront ceremony with the Gulf of Mexico as your backdrop or a garden affair surrounded by lush greenery. With a focus on intimacy, Elope Tampa Bay creates a magical and heartfelt atmosphere for couples seeking intimate celebrations of love.

And what better way to enhance your special day than choosing L3 Limo as your transportation partner? With our party buses, you can focus on the magic of the moment, knowing that your group's transportation is handled by professionals ensuring comfort, style and safety.

» Elevate Your Event Experience with L3 Limo

When it comes to elevating your event experience in Tampa, L3 Limo is the top choice for luxury transportation. All our party buses are equipped with top-of-the-line amenities allowing for a seamless integration with your event. This means that you can continue partying even while traveling to and from your chosen destinations.

Moreover, you'll be driven around by professional chauffeurs who will ensure that you and your guests arrive at your destination safely and punctually. They prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, making your journey as enjoyable as the event itself.

» Discover Your Perfect Small Party Venues: Tampa!

Tampa, FL boasts an array of small party venues, each with its unique ambiance and charm. Whether you prefer historic elegance, natural serenity or urban chic, there's a Tampa venue to suit your vision. Now it's your turn to explore these remarkable venues and choose the perfect setting for your upcoming event.

To ensure that your event experience is elevated from start to finish, book an L3 Limo party bus. Our commitment to luxury, style, and safety ensures that your transportation needs are expertly handled, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Book a party bus today by calling (813) 699-5777 and let the celebration begin!

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