How to Rent a Party Bus in Tampa?

January 11, 2023
How to Rent a Party Bus in Tampa?
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Party bus rental services are becoming more popular throughout the US, especially in the Tampa Bay Area. Hiring a luxury party bus can make any event more fun and memorable for you and your guests. It's a perfect and convenient transportation for birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, nights out, and any other occasion. Not only that but booking a party bus from a reputable company will also ensure that you have a comfortable and safe ride.
To help make sure that you have a favorable experience with party bus rentals, this blog will go through some tips on how to rent a party bus in Tampa.

» Get Estimates From Multiple Party Bus Companies

Sometimes, the more choices you have, the better. This also applies when looking for a party bus service to hire. There are a lot of Tampa party buses out there. And although they offer the same luxury vehicles, there will still be differences that may affect your overall experience.

With that said, one of the important things that you need to do when hiring a party bus is to get estimates from different party bus rental companies. This way, you'll have more options and have a taste of how the company provides its service. But before actually doing just that, you have to determine how many guests you'll have and how many hours you would need the party bus.

» Compare Party Bus Companies

Once you have the estimates, here are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a party bus rental in Tampa:

  • Hourly Prices
    Party bus prices will usually cost about $250 - 650 per hour. This rental cost can vary depending on where you need to go and the party bus size you choose. The season and number of guests might also affect the party bus pricing.
    So when renting a party bus, make sure that you understand what's included in the hourly prices. Find out what happens if you go beyond the allotted time or distance. For example, at L3 Limo, your party bus cost includes unlimited stops within a 30-mile radius of the pick-up location. Anything beyond that will cost a 20% fuel charge. However, after paying that 20%, you can then travel anywhere in the state of Florida.
  • Terms of the Contract
    Although not always necessary, having a contract will ensure that you get the service and cost that you had expected. It'll also document the terms and conditions that you need to follow while on the luxury vehicle. These conditions might include no alcohol on board if the guests include minors. Some party bus rental services might not even allow food and beverages on board. So make sure that you fully understand all conditions before signing. This way you won't end up disappointed with the party bus service.
  • Available Amenities
    What separates party buses from regular charter bus rentals is the available amenities. Party buses often come with a surround-sound system, flat-screen TVs, dance poles, wet bars, LED lights, and more.
    At L3 Limo, all our party buses are fitted with everything you need for a wonderful party. Some of our luxury vehicles even have their own restroom on board for added convenience. Additionally, our party bus service includes a highly-trained, professional chauffeur to drive you around. With this, each person in your group can have their share of fun as there is no need for a designated driver. So if you're looking for the best party bus Tampa has to offer, then you need to contact L3 Limo.
  • Quality & Variety of the Party Bus Fleet
    The L3 Limo fleet has party buses that seat anywhere from 13 to 45 people. So regardless of how many people you invite, you'll find a party bus that'll suit your needs.
    Moreover, all L3 Limo buses are cleaned and disinfected before and after every trip. This is to ensure that our clients receive a well-maintained, beautiful, and working party bus every time.
    We also understand that the pictures on our website and social media platforms are not enough to determine the quality of our party buses. So you are always welcome to visit our garage so you can check the state of our party buses.
  • Experience
    The whole party bus experience includes how the party bus rental company treats you. How do they talk to you? Do they answer your questions promptly and professionally? Is your safety their priority? If yes, then you're probably with the right party bus company.
  • Reviews
    The best way to know if you're working with a reliable party bus rental company is through their customer reviews. Check out what their previous clients have to say about the company's services. A good party bus rental has nothing to hide and will proudly show you its customer reviews.

» Choose The Right Party Bus

Now that you know the factors you need to consider in choosing a party bus company, it's time to choose the actual luxury vehicle to ride. And as mentioned above, you first need to determine how many guests you'll have at your event.

It might also help to consider what type of event you need the party bus for. Is it for a wedding? Homecoming? A corporate event? This is because some party buses have features that you might need such as on-board restrooms, tables, and luggage space.

» Plan the Party, the Schedule, the Stops, and the Bus Decoration

Once you have chosen the right party bus, it's time to delve into the details of the party.

First, decide on the date of the event. From there, it'll be easier to choose the destination and decorations. Once you know where to go, determine the route and stops you want to take to get there. Also, consider how much time you need to spend at each stop.

Once you have finalized your itinerary, don't forget to give a copy to your guests and party bus operator. This way you won't have to shout instructions during the party and you can fully focus on having fun instead.

When it comes to decorating a party bus, it's probably the easiest thing to do on this list. This is because party buses often have color-changing lights that you can switch to suit your party's theme. But if you still want to add decorations, you can do so as party buses have more than enough space for you to work on.

» Bring Drinks and Food With You to the Party Bus

What's a party without food and drinks, right? With party bus rentals, however, enquire with the company first if food and beverages are allowed on the vehicle. Also, ask if there are additional fees associated with bringing your food such as a clean-up fee.

» Pick up the Guests at the Agreed Place

Your invitations should include the pick-up time and place. This ensures that everyone will travel together and nobody gets lost or left behind.

At L3 Limo, your reservation starts at your scheduled pick-up time. Our chauffeurs usually arrive 10 minutes early. This means our travel time does not consume the hours that you've paid for.

» Enjoy the Party at Your Own Pace

Planning and hosting a party is hard work. So once the guests start coming in, don't forget to relax and enjoy the party. After all, people often keep their eyes on the host. So if you're having fun, everyone will have fun as well.

» Choose L3 Limo, the Best Party Bus Company in Tampa

Want the best party bus service in Tampa, Florida? Then it's L3 Limo you're looking for.

Experience the L3 Limo service yourself. Book a party bus by calling us at (813) 699-5777 today to get a free estimate.

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